Eric Kilmartin was abducted at the age of 2 and grew up in a prsion cell with three other people. Eric is a seer so when he uses his powers his eyes flash white

Eric is very clumsy and is usually known as an accident prone.


Eric is a seer which means he can see the future and later learns how to see the past. Eric's eyes flash white when he has a vision. Eric cannot control what he sees or when he see's it.


JADEN WRIGHT: Since Eric and Jaden are the only boys of the group they try to hang out alot. Jaden usually gives Eric advice on how to flirt with girls especially Lexa.

LEXA PIERCE: Eric usually tries to flirt with Lexa but usually fails. Eric and Lexa then find out a little secret about eachother.

LUNA STEVENS: Eric sees Luna as a sister mainly, but catches her coming out of the bathroom in just a towel and puts Jaden's flirtation tips into place. This just makes things awkward between them. He also predicts a future between Luna and Jaden, and attempts to match make.