Jaden Wright was abducted at the age of 3 and a half, and never fully recovered from the experience.
Jaden wright

Jaden is a flirtatious, self-confident young boy with high aspirations.


Jaden is a pure bred werewolf, which means that he has heightened speed and strength as well as phasing at moonlight and specialises in air, collecting it and forming it into a large ball of energy which stuns his foes.


LEXA PIERCE: Jaden and Lexa are really close friends, and although Jaden likes to flirt with her, he has no feelings for her other than love, like a sister.

ERIC KILMARTIN: Jaden informs Eric of tips on how to flirt with the girls, but urges him to direct his attentions to Lexa only, as he has called dibs on Luna.

LUNA STEVENS: Jaden and Luna are both very flirtatious towards one another and there are strong feelings on both sides, Jaden is always watching out for Luna, although it's usually her that saves him.