Emma Cole
Lexa Pierce was abducted from her home at the age of 4 and neutrilized in a prison cell with three other people, Lexa made good friends with jaden and Luna but sometimes had dissagreements with her.

Lexa is a very persuasive and manipulative girl, but she has a good heart.


Lexa Is a Molecular Psionic which means she can create an aura which renders her invisible but she is visible to infra red vision. Lexa can bend light to her will and create stunning lasers and light flashes through her fingers. As a psionic she can read emotions and control emotions and shoot a psionic blast from her mind. Lexa is a skilled Martial artist.


JADEN WRIGHT: Jaden and Lexa are very close friends, Jaden tries flirting with Lexa sometimes but Lexa wants to keep pleasure away from work.

LUNA STEVENS: Lexa and Luna are very close friends but becuase their so similar they tend to argue.

ERIC KILMARTIN: Lexa and Eric are very good friends but Lexa tends to get annnoyed with his clumsiness.