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Luna Grey was abducted by the Tribunal at the age of 2, as she had developed early, she looked double her age, she now spends her time trying to save other immortals from the same fate

She is a seductive, alluring young female with a talent for martial arts. She had built herself up to be as strong as she could.


Luna is a vampire, and has known this from a very young age. As well as possessing the usual vampire enhanced abilities, such as speed and strength. She also specialises in controlling the minds of her enemies.


JADEN WRIGHT: Luna and Jaden both flirt with eachother constantly and underneath it all Luna knows that her feelings for him are growing stronger each day.

LEXA PIERCE: Lexa and Luna are very similar, both in personality and appearance, and although they are best friends, they can argue sometimes, but it is easily resolved.

ERIC KILMARTIN:Everybody in the group sees Eric as a younger brother, Luna is a more laid back sister towards him, and finds his clumsiness hilarious. This adds to the tension between her and Lexa.